Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Pectoral Sandpiper - at last!

With so many North American shorebirds turning up in the UK, in Spain and further north here in Portugal, we were sure there must be at least one somewhere here in the Algarve. For several weeks now we have been looking even more closely than usual at the many Dunlins, Little Stints and the rest as we’ve been birding around the saltpans of Castro Marim, Tavira, Santa Luzia and Olhão. All of that has been without success but today we finally had our reward and it wasn’t at any of our regular sites.

One of the lesser known products of the Algarve is watercress. Most of the watercress on sale in the UK is grown here, much of it near Almancil. And it was when we were on our way to Quinta do Lago today that we found this juvenile Pectoral Sandpiper on one of the watercress beds. Fortunately, it was quite confiding and close to the roadside.

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