Saturday, 16 February 2013

Photo Session

We’re always on the lookout for photo opportunities and very often they are provided by birds being attracted to water.  A little over a week ago we came across several puddles that looked promising with dozens of birds coming to drink and bathe.  Song Thrushes and Redwings seemed to be the most numerous and we saw Blackbird, Robin, Blackcap and several Greenfinches but unfortunately there wasn’t time to stop and see what else there might be.  We knew though that we would soon have to go back and find out!

It wasn’t until yesterday that the opportunity arose.  The weather was ideal and thankfully there was still plenty of water and lots of birds.  As many as 21 species were seen coming to one puddle!  It was good that some of them also perched on nearby bushes while awaiting their turn at the water.

It was impossible to estimate numbers but Greenfinches, Song Thrushes and Redwings were the most numerous until a flock of European Starlings arrived.  Ring Ouzel is a species that we haven’t photographed before and there were at least three different individuals.

Here’s just a few of the day’s many images, all taken from the car.


Pedro Nicolau said...

Wow, absolutely incredible.
Where was this?

The shot containing all the 3 different thrushes is the most impressive one... But 3 Ring Ouzels?! I'm blown away!

Pedro Nicolau said...

The shot containg all the 3 different thrushes is the most impressive. But 3 Ring Ouzels so close in 1 day? I'm blow away.

Where was this?

Peter and June said...

Thanks, Pedro. It was near Sagres, along the road to Cabo de São Vicente, a regular place to see Ring Ouzels in the winter.