Saturday, 2 May 2009

Aporkalypse Now?

We've just completed a most enjoyable two weeks in Texas for Avian Adventures (more of which later) and another tour starts today in Phoenix, Arizona where the forecast is for a high of 92 degrees. Scorchio!

After a group in Texas that was mostly made up of people who had travelled with us before, unusually there are six new clients to be met off the BA flight this afternoon. Clearly (and thankfully) they haven't taken notice of Vice President Joe Biden's comments about the danger of contracting a virus while couped up in a 767.

Not surprisingly, swine flu is the major news item here and there were a few people at Sky Harbor Airport yesterday wearing face masks. How many times did they wash their hands, we wonder! The threatened pandemic certainly seems to have diverted attention from many of the world's other problems; let's hope it will fizzle out like SARS, bird flu and all those other things that we were promised would wipe us out.

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