Sunday, 1 February 2009

Back Out of Africa

Just back from leading an Avian Adventures tour in The Gambia – Peter's 11th trip to Africa's smallest country.

The itinerary had us spending a week at the coast followed by six nights up river at Tendaba Camp and Bird Safari Camp. Sering Bojang was our local guide as usual.

Tanji - for gulls, terns and waders

In spite of some strange weather that included several windy days and even a shower of rain, we managed to find 300 bird species, including (thankfully) the must-see Egyptian Plover. Other highlights were African Finfoot, Greyish Eagle Owl, six species of Vultures and eight species of Bee-eaters, plus Yellow-bellied Hyliota, Green Crombec, Green Hylia and Black-faced Firefinch, all of which can be difficult to see.

Goliath Heron - the world's largest, standing 1.5 metres tall

More details and photographs will follow shortly.

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