Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Tavira Owls

Little Owls are really quite common in these parts and most of the time very easy to find.

This particular bird is one we know very well. It’s a bird that we have seen regularly in the same tree for the past six months or more. It lives only a short distance from the Tavira Gran-Plaza and every day many people walk, ride and drive past within just a few metres without even seeing it, which is a shame. The owl is only occasionally disturbed by passers-by, sometimes jumping up a little higher in the tree or hiding behind the foliage. Mostly it just sits there!

When we first came to Tavira we thought Little Owls might be the only owl species in the area and it was a while before we even saw a Barn Owl. We have now seen (or in one case heard) six species of owls within less than a kilometre of the town centre. It just goes to show! What does seem very unlikely though is that there will ever be a seventh but who would bet against it?

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